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Vehicular Manslaughter Lawyer Orange County

Manslaughter criminal defense attorney: Irvine, Anaheim, Santa Ana and the entire Southland

If you face charges of vehicular manslaughter in Southern California, you may feel that the world is crumbling around you: you may be accused of texting while driving, DUI, or negligent operation of your vehicle. The police may believe that a person was killed as the result of something more than a simple accident. The consequences are nearly as serious as those involving murder.

A skilled and experienced attorney can provide a defense that will minimize the risks that you face. Not only should your attorney have the legal skills to defend you but they should also have the compassion you need at one of the most difficult times in your life. Call 949-852-0411 to speak with Irvine Defense Lawyer Kenneth L. Schreiber if you are struggling against charges of vehicular manslaughter in Southern California. With an office in Irvine, he is prepared to defend you in courts from Los Angles to San Diego and Orange County to Riverside.

When you contact Kenneth L. Schreiber, you will have an attorney with more than 35 years of legal experience defending clients throughout Southern California. His clients have faced the most serious charges imaginable and have faced dramatic penalties. Vehicular manslaughter cases must be handled with great skill because they are such serious charges and conviction carries catastrophic consequences:

  • Jail time for weeks or months
  • Years of prison time in a California penitentiary
  • Massive fines in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars
  • Restitution to an alleged victim’s family that may take decades to pay
  • Debilitating restrictions on your driving privileges and huge increases in insurance premiums
  • Loss of many employment opportunities

Southern California police officers may arrest you and treat you as if you are guilty. Prosecutors may try to impose the harshest penalties that California law allows. Kenneth L. Schreiber is an experienced and diligent defense attorney who will not back down or be intimidated. He will leave no detail of your case unexamined: how you were treated by law enforcement officials, if your rights were always meticulously defended, how was the cause of the incident determined, and other details that can be used in your defense.

With vast resources and experience in this area of the law, Mr. Schreiber also knows that right expert witnesses to call upon: forensic experts, medical professionals, and crime scene investigators who specialize in car accident reconstruction. Call the Law Offices of Kenneth L. Schreiber at 949-852-0411 to protect your rights against law enforcement’s onslaught against you.

Orange County DUI related homicide

If you were arrested and charged with gross vehicular manslaughter, there is a high likelihood that your case involves allegations of drunk driving or drug charges. Your defense lawyer must be able to challenge these charges because your punishment may be far more brutal if someone was allegedly killed by your vehicle.

Some strategies that an experienced California defense attorney may use in such cases involve questioning the chemical tests that were used to determine your BAC; poor road conditions may have contributed to the incident; the other driver may have been at fault.

When you face extremely serious charges, your defense attorney will be able to fight for you in court if your case proceeds in that direction. But your attorney may also be able to, at least, get a reduction in your charges and minimize your risk of long term incarceration. The attorney may also be able to have your case dismissed entirely before a trial is necessary.

If you have been arrested for vehicular manslaughter in California, Orange County Defense Lawyer Kenneth L. Schreiber will help defend you. He will use all of his skill, resources and experience in your best interests. Call for a free consultation: 949-852-0411.

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